Our Services

Hardware and software testing services

  • Regression and Exploratory Testing

  • Compatibility Testing & Cross Browser/OS System Testing

  • Functional Testing and Acceptance Testing

  • Automation

  • Accessibility Testing (508 compliance)

  • Hardware Testing

  • Test Design and Test Plans

  • Decomp and Test Script Development

  • QA and Manual Writing

  • QA for Data Migration

  • Graphic Uniformity of Web Pages and Applications


Data Integrity and Migration 

Data Validation

  • Error searches and fixes, e.g., duplicate entries, inexact matches, spelling errors

  • Manual verification of data using external data source

  • Verify large-scale data migration from multiple sources, including combining fields with inconsistent field names

 Data Mining

  • Find patterns in data using SQL, pivot tables, array formulas, Excel functions, etc.

  • Verify conclusions using statistical techniques, e.g., determining variance and standard deviation, data distributions, etc.

  • Categorize entries by searching for keywords in free-form data text fields

  Data Analysis

  • Formulate meaningful conclusions and actionable insights

  • Discover problems and anomalies by matching actual patterns in the data with expected patterns

  • Current IT support call center analysis project:

    • Search for unexpected changes in call center activity

    • System uses integrated Access, Excel, and PowerPoint files

  • Data stored in Access, and processed using over 100 SQL queries

  • Query results linked to Excel pivot tables

    • Pivot tables used to create charts (or used as references for formulas that create charts)

  • Charts exported to PowerPoint, and comments are added to explain and clarify

    • Read call descriptions to determine causes of those changes

    • Report the causes to enable the client to address the concern and prevent future incidents